Astrology & Acutonics Sessions


Approx. 75 Minutes

Full Natal Reading

Explore Your Complex Story

Full natal astrology readings last approximately 75 minutes. Before our session, I thoroughly review your natal chart to discover patterns and motivations. I assess where you might be blocked and what gifts you have to help move past them.

I'll dive into something called your Progressed Chart to see which cycles you're in, what you're heading into, and what cycles you're coming out of. I'll also look at current influences and future planetary alignments.

Unless you request a deep dive into a specific area, I'll concentrate on significant aspects of your life from the recent past and into the upcoming year. This is guided by your answers to the intake questions, intuition, and the dominant influences in your chart.

Our session will be recorded for your future reference, which is important for two reasons:

- First, you might want to revisit the session to recall significant dates or insights shared during our time together.

- Second, revisiting the recording can clarify any uncertainties. It's common to feel overwhelmed or distracted when something sensitive is shared in a session, and our memories can sometimes differ from what was discussed. The recording helps clear up any misrememberings, providing clarity as different insights resonate over time.

You'll also receive a copy of your natal chart, complete with a guide to the symbols used, and a detailed transit report spanning 40-60 pages. This report will highlight key planetary influences on your chart over the following year, offering you a comprehensive view of your astrological landscape.

Year Ahead Reading

$197-$ 235

Approximately 60-75 Minutes

Year Ahead

Chart Your Future: Navigate the Year Ahead with Clarity

During your Year Ahead Consultation, we delve into the fabric of your life, focusing on both areas that may need guidance and the talents that make you uniquely equipped to navigate them. By examining your birth chart, I can pinpoint the moments ripe for growth and the optimal timings for initiating change. This isn't just about navigating challenges; it's about recognizing and harnessing your inherent gifts, so you can truly thrive in the coming year.

Prior to our meeting, I engage in a thorough analysis of your natal chart so I can understand your journey's progression and highlight the areas of your life currently in the spotlight. It's a comprehensive approach, aimed at uncovering the fullest potential of your astrological influences.

Your consultation will span 60 - 75 minutes, during which we'll explore the celestial dynamics at play in your life. To ensure you can reflect on our conversation and the insights provided, the session is recorded and sent to you. This recording is a valuable tool, allowing you to revisit our discussion and the guidance offered.

You'll also receive detailed report of the major planetary aspects (transits) affecting you over the year. This document will serve as a personal guide, helping you to anticipate and understand the significant events or emotions that the moving planets may invoke in your life. It's designed to empower you, providing clarity, direction and actions you can take as you navigate the year ahead.

For existing clients:

*Year Ahead Astrology Reading (60-75 minutes)-$197

For new clients (even if you've had natal readings with other astrologers).

*Year Ahead Astrology Reading (75+ minutes) - $235

Focused Astro


Approximately 30 Minutes

Focused Astro

Precision Guidance for Your Path Ahead

Focused Astro: Precision Guidance for Your Path Ahead is a concise, 30-minute consultation tailored to zero in on your specific questions. Whether you're curious about relationships, career decisions, travel plans, or any other aspect of your life, this session offers targeted astrological insights.

This type of session can also be booked as a follow-up for clients who have recently had a session and want to delve deeper into a specific area of their chart. Focused Astro provides the clarity and direction you need to navigate your path with confidence




Approximately 60-75 Minutes


Vibrations & Sound Therapy

Welcome to the transformative world of Sound & Vibrational Therapy – a harmonious blend of sound vibration and ancient healing principles aimed at restoring emotional and physiological wellbeing.

Embracing the Symphony of the Universe

At the heart of Sound Therapy lies the universal principle that everything vibrates, resonates, and forms intricate patterns of frequencies and musical intervals. These natural vibrations have the profound ability to initiate movement within the body and foster resonance, paving the way for deep healing experiences.

The Human Body: A Resonant Receptor

Given that our bodies are approximately 70% water, we are naturally tuned to be perfect receptors for vibration. From the rhythmic beats of a drum to the subtle hum of a bee, sound waves interact with our internal water molecules, affecting our physical and energetic states.

Harmonizing with Acutonics Tuning Forks

Acutonics brings the Music of the Spheres – the vibrational frequencies of the Earth, Moon, Sun, and Planets – right to your fingertips. Through precision-calibrated tuning forks, these celestial frequencies are applied to acupuncture points, tapping into the body's meridian and chakra systems to encourage balance and wellness.

Embracing the Art of Sonopuncture

Sonopuncture offers a gentle, non-invasive alternative to acupuncture. The application of a tuning fork's vibration against the skin activates specific body resonances for targeted therapeutic effects, even through light clothing, making it a comforting choice for those hesitant about needles.

A Symphony of Healing

Each therapeutic session is custom-crafted by taking into account the client's individual concerns and their astrological birth chart. A variety of Sound Tools – including tuning forks, hand chimes, singing bowls, and more – are skillfully used in concert to adjust frequencies and foster alignment.

A Journey Towards Wholeness

Throughout the session, clients are invited to explore the intricate connections between the cosmos, the body, the mind, and the spirit. Acutonics promotes an integrated healing approach, highlighting the cosmic journey to holistic wellbeing.

Are you ready to explore the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit with Acutonics Sound Therapy? Begin your healing journey of discovery and resonance today. If you'd like to see what's involved in a treatment you watch this short video.

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